The Baptist Church at Waddesdon Hill was opened in 1892. In 1899 members of that Church began to visit nearby villages to conduct Divine worship there. It seems certain that they included Quainton and that regular worship took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Mayett in Northend because in 1801 Joseph Mayett and Mary Mayett were baptised and became members of the Waddesdon Hill Church.

By 1816 Waddesdon Hill had 17 members residing in Quainton and these were released to establish a church in Quainton led by a “brother” Williams. However Daniel Walker from Swanbourne became the first Pastor. Meetings initially took place in the cottage at Northend but soon the congregation had grown so that a nearby barn was fitted up for services. Baptisms were conducted in the nearby pond, although some preferred to walk to the Waddesdon Hill Church for immersion in cleaner water!

In 1818 Mr. John Cox gave a piece of ground for a chapel and this was opened for public worship in 1819. In 1840 a baptistery was installed and was greatly used in the next few years.

By 1852 church membership had grown to 81 still under the pastorship of Daniel Walker who remained in post until 1866 – 50 years of service. The present church was built at a cost of £920 and opened in 1892.

In the early 1900’s both morning and evening services attracted congregations in excess of 100 and the Sunday School had 130 children and 16 teachers! The present Sunday School building was opened in 1912.

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Weekly Services & Events are as follows:-Sunday Morning Service – 10:30 am.
NOTE: Sunday school provided for children, ages 3-12.

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