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What is the Quainton Neighbourhood Development Plan?

The Quainton Neighbourhood Development Plan (QNDP) is the now made development plan for the Quainton Neighbourhood Area (covering the same area as the parish council) for the period 2015-2033. It’s policies adopted by the local planning authority Buckinghamshire Council form part of the planning process, to which applications in that area will be assessed against.

Background to the Plan

Many residents were aware and concerned with how the village may develop and change in the future.

Over a period of 3 -4 years and under the sponsorship of the parish council a group of volunteers worked on whether Quainton would benefit from developing its own Neighbourhood Plan, and subsequently started to consult locally on a plan.

By way of background a Neighbourhood Plan is a way of helping local communities to influence the planning of the area in which they live and work. It can be used to:

– Develop a shared vision for the neighbourhood
– Choose where new homes, shops and other development should be built
– Identify and protect important local green spaces
– Influence what new buildings should look like.

Quainton was registered as an NDP Frontrunner and received some funding to enable to formulate a plan. A questionnaire was used in Nov/Dec 2011 to obtain the views of the village and 210 of 529 were returned and analysed. The questionnaire was supplemented by a ‘Have your say day’ in the village hall.

With the threat of unwanted development ever present, and taking account the strong local views expressed that any development should enhance the community, it was viewed the right time to build on and update the original 2009 plan.

After further public consultation, an independent inspector’s report and referendum, the QNDP was formally put in place on 31st October 2016.