Volunteers who form the Quainton Support Network are available to help deliver prescriptions to:

  • Those who are self-isolating due to coronavirus type symptoms

  • Vulnerable people who have been strongly advised to stay at home at all times and avoid any face-to-face contact

  • The housebound who may have lost their normal support service

Family and known neighbours can collect prescriptions on behalf of the patient without any specific consent from the patient.

In all other cases, where a volunteer is assigned to assist in delivering precriptions the following guidance which has been agreed with Waddesdon Surgery will apply.

Prescription drugs are strictly controlled and regulated, so the guidance will help to ensure the home delivery of drugs is done safely, securely and to the person they are intended for.

Prescription Ordering

The only person who can order a prescription is the patient. It is for the patient to arrange what type and the frequency of prescription with their GP.

The Volunteer Role

In the case of no immediate family or known neighbour, then a Quainton Support Network volunteer will be asked to assist and take their place.

If the patient is connected to the Waddesdon surgery, the primary function of the volunteer is to collect prescriptions for the patient from The Village Storeand deliver to their home.

In the majority of cases payment for prescriptions will not apply but the volunteer should check with the patient and complete the consent form regarding exemption from payment.

The volunteer will be in the vast majority of cases, a person who lives close by to the patient normally living in the same street or road. The volunteer co-ordinators will assign volunteers to patients as much as possible in the same vicinity.

We ask all volunteers to keep a record of all deliveries (see Important Information at bottom of the page).

Collecting Prescriptions direct from the Doctor's Surgery

If medicines cannot be delivered to The Village Store, then the volunteer (once the patient has signed the consent form) can collect from the Waddesdon and Surgeries, and drop a repeat prescription (organised by the patient) into the box at the Surgery.

Special arrangements for the Waddesdon Dispensary

The dispensary team have asked if you are coming to collect for multiple people could you first phone the dispensary (01296 658585) between 2pm and 3pm and:

Identify yourself as a Quainton Support Network group member.

Give the list of patient names so the dispensary can have them ready for you to collect in one go. The dispensary team should confirm when will be a good time to collect.

Consent to Collect Prescriptions

The patient will need to complete and sign a simple Consent Form for a volunteer to collect prescriptions on their behalf (this only needs to be completed once).

The consent form is available to download HERE or can be obtained from or either Brian Fludgate 651354 email: parishclerk@quainton.org.uk or Claire Lucas 655552 email: claire.lucas@quainton.org.uk

Important Information

Waddesdon Surgery and the Parish Council will share information on prescription collections in order to ensure that every patient who needs help with prescriptions collection and delivery is reached, so on the consent form please ensure the tick box allowing the Parish Council to share this information is filled in.

Also, it will be important that volunteers keep a record of all collection and deliveries and send by email to:


Information required:

Name and address of Patient

Date prescription collected

Date prescription delivered (if different to collection date)

Prescription personally accepted by patient or left at the home